List of endorsement for the Urgent Appeal against Japan's secret-protection legislation

Here is the list of endorsement for the Urgent Appeal against Japan's secret-protection legislation (in process of counting). Endorsed organizations

  • Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet, South Korea
  • Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Taiwan
  • Globe International Center, Mongolia
  • The Open Institute, Cambodia
  • Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), Thailand
  • Thai Netizen Network, Thailand
  • SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia), Malaysia
  • The Think Centre, Singapore
  • The Indonesian Human Rights Monitor (IMPARSIAL), Indonesia
  • The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), Indonesia
  • Timor Lorosa'e Journalists' Association (TLJA), East Timor
  • VOICE, Bangladesh
  • Odhikar, Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Open Source Network (BdOSN), Bangladesh
  • The Internet Democracy Project, India
  • Centre for Internet and Society, India
  • Bytes for All, Pakistan
  • OneWorldsee, Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Global Partners Digital, the United Kingdom

Endorsed individuals 70 people from all over the world (under process of counting). Messages ( Japanese messages )

Secret should be the exception not the norm! (from Bosnia Herzegovina)

For liberty. Always. (from Japan)

There can be no democracy with government activities shrouded in secrecy. The Secrets Act is clearly designed to prevent its own population from knowing what the government wishes to keep secret. (from the United States)

As a resident of California, I need to know what is happening in Japan; as a person with longtime interest in the Japanese people, I wish to see them enjoying the right to information. (from the United States)

When information on nuclear power stations becomes classified, our lives become worthless. All other industries are accountable to the public, the nuclear industry must be especially so.(from the United States)

Very dangerous law. Threatens the foundations of democracy in Japan and threatens the universal right of the world's peoples to know what is happening with Fukusima.(from the United States)

Truth please - NOT secrecy. The future of your country and lives of your people are in jeopardy. The issues of nuclear power in general, and Fukushima in particular, need to be resolved out in the open, not behind closed doors and imposing threats of criminality upon those who wish for health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe is of international import and the world deserves to know the truth, not to have it suppressed.(from the United States)

NO to fascist secrecy law!!

The shame of Japan with respect to Fukushima should be enough. How can you add to this shame by hiding the nature of the damage you have caused from the rest of us? (from Australia)

This legislation causes serious damage to democarcy and free speech, especially as the world watches with increasing concern over the apalling nuclear risks of the Fukushima power plant (from the United Kingdom)

As much as the protection of national security might require confidentiality in exceptional circumstances, human rights standards establish that the principle of maximum disclosure must always guide the conduct of public officials. (from the United States)

It is an illegal act to try to stop people knowing about this as it concerns everyone all around the world (from the United Kingdom)

There is no shame in asking for help. The shame lies in the secrets-always. (from the United States)

I visited Japan just last year and I love your country and its people and customs. This law goest against the democratic basis of your nation and is harmful to your people. Japan has been known for decades now as a peaceful democratic society and is respected and admired because of her dedication to the values of democracy and peace. Please do not pass this unjust and unnecessary legislation. Thank You. (from the United States)

Censorship and suppression of information will neither help nor change the challenges facing Japan and the world. I live in southern California - on the other side of the Pacific Ocean into which TEPCO continues to dump vast amounts of radioactive Fukushima Dai'ichi contaminated water. We must face our problems squarely - not punish the truth tellers. (from the United States)